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New Healthy Bread Line From Zapp’s

Zapp’s Dancing Grains, based in Glenview, has launched a new line of Good Carb Breads, born from research done by Jorge Zapp, an international award-winning scientist, using a patented process that incorporates organic ancient grains that are stoned milled in-house and infused with bold flavors and wholesome goodness. Zapp’s Dancing Grains’ original formula, used in all their flavor infused breads, has been certified low glycemic and diabetic-friendly in clinical trials.

Zapp’s Dancing Grains baked products encourage a healthy lifestyle helping stabilize the body’s digestion process and allowing it to absorb all the nutrients and benefits slowly. Luis Zapp says, “Our Zapp's Dancing Grainsmission is to provide healthy carbs with social responsibility and environmental consciousness; amazingly delicious high-quality products and education about natural, non-refined, slow-digesting carbohydrates that can help the well-being of those who want a healthier lifestyle.”

Zapp’s Bread is available locally at Garden Fresh Markets and local restaurants that include Egg Harbor Café. For more information and to order online, visit