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Managing Winter Dryness for Pets

Feb 24, 2015 ● By Rob Freeman

It is easy to tell winter is still with us, because we are very cold and dry. Our pets need to manage the winter dryness as much as we do—it affects their skin and their fur when everything is so dry all the time.

There is one solution to this issue and it is more omega-3 and omega-6 oils, which are great at giving life back to both the skin and fur, no matter how dry it has been. The best way to administer more omegas into our pets’ diet is using fish-based products. Wild fish like salmon and whitefish produce oils that add a nice extra dose of omegas that works especially well to help both the skin and the fur.

Even for finicky pets, there are lots of ways that we can get our dog or cat to ingest more fish. Obviously food containing fish is a good one. There are both a wild salmon and grain-free mixed fish formula that does a great job of delivering the extra omegas.

In addition, there are several other products on the market to help our pets get extra omegas, including grain-free dried salmon flakes, crunchy, grain-free salmon, and whitefish crunchy treats, which make up just a small portion of the many omega-packed treats available today. There is also a wild salmon syrup to pour on the food for a quick dose of omegas.

There are many ways to help pets battle that winter dryness, so don’t give—spring is right around the corner.

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