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Find Nourishment for the Mind, Body and Soul

Oksana Gritsenko

To receive a gift of harmony and balance or a gift of prosperity and abundance, or give someone a gift of unconditional love or success, there is a place to find all that and much more. “We love finding a gift for you that matters, custom picked, beautifully packaged with a special message,” says Oksana Gritsenko, a Mind and Life Coach and founder of Solful Gifts, Inc. “People love receiving gifts that are not only beautiful, but also meaningful and unique. There are many options to choose from: rare gems and crystals set in gorgeous sterling silver jewelry and beautifully packaged, astrological or numerological reports that can help us understand better who we are and make productive choices in life, coaching, emotional energy healing sessions and much more.”

On March 22, Solful Gifts, in Wheeling, will sponsor, in collaboration with other mindful businesses, a unique Serendipity Event from noon to 5 p.m. The event is a fusion of a customer appreciation day mixed with an open house, featuring free educational presentations, an intuitive gala with readings and healing sessions, mindful networking, music, snacks and opportunities to purchase meaningful gifts for the self and others, all in a joyful welcoming atmosphere. It’s a day of nourishment for the mind, body and soul.

For a limited time, Solful Gifts is offering a free My Best Year strategy session ($159 value) to the first 12 Natural Awakenings readers. Location: 1040 S. Milwaukee Ave., Ste. 130, Wheeling. Call or text Oksana at 847-924-5708 or email [email protected] with the code “NaturalAwakenings12” and claim the session while supplies last. Visit Facebook at Solful Gifts and for more information.