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Metaphysical Storefront Provides Spiritual and Healing Resources

Feb 24, 2015 ● By Carrie Jackson


Intuitive and Spiritual Resources, in Elk Grove Village, is more than just a place to buy candles. Candace, who opened the store in February 2012, says the community feel is what sets it apart from other metaphysical stores. “People will come in and sit down, pick up a book and make themselves at home,” she says. “They might take their shoes off and sit of the floor. It’s very relaxed.”

Candace is always willing to share her time, energy, and expertise with her customers. She is a self-described psychic and medium who discovered her gift at the age of 3 after a near-death experience in her uncle’s pool. “I crossed over to the other side, but I don’t think I completely crossed over,” she says. “It was beautiful. There were angels telling me that it wasn’t my time, and that they were going to send be back with a special awareness.” Candace says she has the ability to see the past, present and future with pinpoint accuracy. She can pick up on people’s energy without them saying a word, and can help people communicate with loved ones that have died. With more then 22 years of experience as a medium, she has helped hundreds of people to connect and heal.

Candace has been interested in metaphysical healing for most of her life. “While my friends were saving their money to go to the mall, I’d save to buy crystals and books at metaphysical specialty stores,” she says. “I’ve always had a passion, but I knew that I wanted to be a better store owner than some others I saw. I would be much more helpful, and give them my time.”

Intuitive and Spiritual Resources is a neighborhood one-stop shop for spiritual and metaphysical needs., with a variety of candles, tarot cards, crystals, books, jewelry, sage, incense and ceremonial items used by many religions. “We can meet anybody’s spiritual needs,” Candace says, adding that she can help direct people to the tools they need to heal. For example, obsidian stone is thought to remove negative energy and provide protection, so she might recommend that for somebody who is under constant emotional attack and stress at work.

Many of Candace’s customers come from the immediate vicinity or by word of mouth. “People come seeking all different kinds of healing,” she says. Some are looking to put difficult childhoods behind them, some have been victims of domestic violence or were sexually molested, some have been in unhealthy relationships either at home or at work.

Candace does a lot of work with people that are having issues in their relationships. “When people are unbalanced themselves, they are a magnet for attracting the wrong people,” she says.  By eliminating negative energy, aura cleansing and moving through past-life regression, Candace helps people find peace in their relationships mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Sometimes people come in and don’t even know what they’re looking for, but they usually find what they need. “I have a chakra station, a section dedicated to the angels and St. Michael, and other sections for Mother Mary, St. Jude, and the archangels,” says Candace. “I have a specific shelf that is all Tibetan, with prayer wheels, incense, bracelets, singing bowls and tons of crystals.” The store carries a wide variety of crystals, ranging from dime-sized to three feet tall from locations all over the world, including Africa, Australia and Brazil.

As a healer, Candace also makes house calls to help people with smudging—purifying a space with the smoke of sacred herbs to clear negative energy—and to bless their homes. She makes customized candles and crystals to address specific needs and concerns that people might have. For example, some parents send their teenagers to the store to get a crystal for their keychain to help protect them when they’re driving.

Because she spends so much energy helping others heal, Candace makes sure to keep herself restored and rejuvenated. She gets a therapeutic massage once a week, sees a Reiki master and practices Reiki on herself. “Every day when I go into the shop, I send out a bubble of light and protection,” she says. “I recharge with crystals and go on spiritual retreats three times a year in Sedona.”

Candace sees herself as a tool to send messages, but says she isn’t the one doing the hard work. “I don’t think I’m transforming people’s lives,” she says. “The guides above are using me as a gift. I’m just helping people make decisions. I’m very grateful for my gifts and for this opportunity.”

Intuitive and Spiritual Resources is located at 650 Meacham Rd., in Elk Grove Village. For more information, call 847-564-6159.

Carrie Jackson is an Evanston-based writer and frequent contributor to Natural Awakenings Magazine. Connect with her at