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Escape Salon Uses Olaplex to Prevent Hair Damage

Escape Salon, located in an 1881 historical home in Northbrook, is now offering an organic additive called Olaplex, which is used in organic hair color. It is derived from a new molecule that prevents breakage. As a result, hair colorists will never have to worry about damaging a client’s hair during color processing.

With multiple worldwide patents, Olaplex chemists are famous for helping to stop organs and transplants from being rejected by the body. These same medical polymer researchers have now solved a problem that’s existed since the development of hair color. Olaplex also allows a permanent wave to be done on the same day as color.

Escape Salon specializes in organic hair care in a relaxed atmosphere. They also offer nail services in a cheery sunny, room separated from hair services. Owner Jasmine Metz says, “My salon is an extension of how I live my life, and that is to constantly grow and be the best I can be so that I can offer my clients top-quality service and top-quality organic products.”

Location: 1249 Shermer Rd., Ste. 200, Northbrook. For more information, call 847-753-9000.