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New Shoes for Old

If you’re doing a spring cleanup, don’t throw out the old shoes in the back of the closet. During April, New Balance North Shore, in downtown Highland Park, is collecting them to help the needy, and donors receive a nice discount of $10 to $15 on a springy new pair of shoes.

“Our Trade-in Sale in April has become an annual tradition in the community,” says Allen Adelman, owner of the New Balance store in Highland Park since 1995. “Many of our customers look forward to this event. It keeps us busy, as we’re collecting lots of old shoes and selling lots of new shoes at the same time, so it’s win-win for everyone.”

More than 2,000 pairs are expected to benefit The Salvation Army, Goodwill and the Community Soup Kitchen of Waukegan. Some go directly to the needy, while others are sold at nonprofit thrift stores. A small percentage are ground up and recycled for their scrap material value.


Location: 610 Central Ave., Highland Park. For more information, call 847-266-8323.