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Celebrate Your Life Celebrates 20 Years

Mar 26, 2015 ● By Mira Temkin

In honor of its 20th anniversary, Celebrate Your Life will be returning to Chicago from June 12 to 15 at the Westin Lombard, Yorktown Center. Mishka Productions is the host of this amazing conference and they are thrilled to be back to the Chicagoland area after a two-year hiatus. This inspiring event brings together an all-star lineup of over 22 nationally renowned speakers and over 30 workshops, all in one spectacular weekend.

This year’s lineup includes directly from the OWN Network Iyanla Vanzant, Panache Desai, Caroline Myss and New York Times bestselling authors Neale Donald Walsch, James Redfield, Dr. Joe Dispenza and many more spiritual teachers and visionaries.

For the first time ever, three very special spiritual mediums will take the stage together for a mystical evening of readings and connection to the spirit world. Internationally renowned mediums John Holland, Lisa Williams and Colette Baron Reid will present a keynote lecture and guide attendees through exercises, demonstrate readings and talk about how they communicate with those in spirit.

Liz Dawn
Liz Dawn

Natural Awakenings had a chance to speak with Mishka Productions founder Liz Dawn, who offered some sage advice on how to get the most out of the conference.

She counsels the Celebrate Your Life “newbies,” as she calls them, to be prepared for the most unexpected magic to happen. “Come with an open heart and mind. Allow yourself to feel the loving supportive energy that emanates throughout the entire event.”

Mishka Productions, named after the beloved dog the family had just lost, started in her mother’s dining room in 1995. After moving to Phoenix from Los Angeles, Liz organized an evening event for bestselling authors James and Salle Redfield, who had just published The Celestine Prophecy. From there, she produced another event for Carlos Castaneda’s group, which was doing Tensegrity workshops. The rest, they say, is history.

Her mother, Ariel Wolfe, partnered with Liz and was instrumental in the company’s success, until she transitioned in June 2009. “We had many years together where the conference would sell out within weeks of announcing it,” says Liz. “We then moved to a larger venue and it was all very exciting. I know with every pore of my being that my mom is ecstatic that we are continuing to grow, move forward and maintain our mission of creating a safe and nurturing environment for people to grow and explore their spirituality. We continue to have conversations; I just have to listen harder to hear her, but she is extremely proud. She knows that Celebrate Your Life is needed for people on the Earth plane. It is a place to create community, be with like-minded people and begin to recognize the magnificence of who you truly are.”

Liz is proud that many of her attendees have participated in the Celebrate Your Life Conferences for eight years in a row, coming to both the Chicago and Phoenix events. She feels that their authors always have bright, new information to share. “This year is extra special because it is our 20th anniversary celebration as well as the 20th anniversary of Conversations with God, Book 1 and The Celestine Prophecy,” explains Liz. Both Neale Donald Walsch and James Redfield will lead a panel discussion on events that occurred 20 years ago that started a powerful spiritual movement in the world. “Mishka, Conversations with God and Celestine were all created in 1995,” says Liz. “Kind of wild when you think about it. Both books broke publishing industry records!”

Liz is confident that people will be transformed by the conference because of the responses she receives. “I’m really lucky because I get to read the thousands of feedback forms we’ve received over the years,” she states. “The most common theme is, ‘It was an amazing, life-changing experience,’ or ‘I am so filled with gratitude and grace.’ More specifically, people walk away with all kinds of life tools, from how to better deal with life’s challenges, feeling joyful, discovering how to live with an open compassionate heart, how to better nurture themselves, learning to use their intuition to guide their choices. They come away with an overall feeling of connectedness to the Universe, others and most importantly themselves.”

She feels this feedback is extraordinarily powerful, and whenever she doubts the work she does, she reads these e-mails. “They bring me to a deep place of gratitude and awe for being able to do the work that I do in the world,” says Liz. “I am blessed that the Universe has given me this exquisite entity called Mishka Productions and to be the caretaker of this stunning gathering that brings positive change into people’s lives.”


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Mira Temkin is a freelance writer based in Highland Park. Email her at [email protected].