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Gaiamed Dental Spa Offers Exclusive Affordable Dental Discount Plan

Dr. Andie Pearson, DDS

Dr. Andie Pearson, owner of Gaiamed Dental Spa, in Wilmette, is the exclusive dental provider in the entire Chicago area of the SmileMore Dental Savings Plan, from Global Heath Enterprises, allowing patients without dental insurance to receive quality dental care at affordable prices. To celebrate, Gaiamed is offering free tooth whitening to each enrolled adult.

Benefits of the plan include no deductibles, no yearly maximum limits, no monthly premiums, no pre-existing condition exclusions and all procedures are covered. Patients get the services they want and need, not just those from an insurance company’s limited menu.

Pearson states, “This is not traditional dental insurance, in fact, it’s better. Enrolled patients have the freedom to make healthcare decisions with their dentist without the limitations of working with a traditional insurance company, and there are no claims to file.” Enrolled members also enjoy complimentary or reduced dental exams and X-rays, along with significant savings on cleanings, fillings and other restorative and cosmetic procedures.


Location: 929 Ridge Rd., Wilmette. For details of the plan and appointments, call 847-977-1655 or visit