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Infinity Foundation Presents Workshop with don Miguel Ruiz, Jr.

don Miguel Ruiz, Jr. (L) and don Miguel Ruiz, Sr.

The Infinity Foundation will host don Miguel Ruiz, Jr., with a presentation of Living in Awareness: Make New Agreements that Are More in Line with Your True Authentic Self. The event takes place from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., April 18, at the National Louis University Skokie Campus.

The day-long event with Ruiz Jr., author of Five Levels of Attachment: Toltec Wisdom for the Modern World and Living a Life of Awareness, will feature a special meditation presented by his father, don Miguel Ruiz, Sr., author of The Four Agreements, via Skype.

Ruiz Jr. will guide participants with his insights and experiential processes into the development of belief structures, and re-evaluating or even severing these beliefs and attachments that limit human possibilities and potential.

Utilizing the principles found in Living a Life of Awareness, participants will become aware of how many people confuse who they are with what they know; gain awareness of how attachments create reality; stop creating an identity based on the opinions and judgments of others; let go of the fear of separating from beliefs; and make new agreements that are more in line with the true authentic self.


Location: National Louis University Skokie Campus, 5020 Old Orchard Rd., Skokie. For more information or to register, visit