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Natural Awakenings Chicago

Time to Order Locally Raised Grass-Fed Beef

Apr 26, 2015 12:48AM

Terra Valley Farm, in Southwestern Wisconsin, which raises healthy, 100 percent grass-fed, organic Black Angus beef, is offering a 10 percent discount for anyone ordering a whole steer before July 1 or 5 percent off for a half-steer. Terra Valley Farm has partnered with an organic Amish farmer to also provide free-range, organic, turkey, chicken, lamb and pork.

When purchasing a quarter, half or whole steer, the beef will be processed, packaged, delivered and ready for the freezer. They are taking orders now for November delivery throughout the Chicago area, and also maintain a pick-up point in Deer Park. Forty-pound packages are available now for purchase to sample the beef before ordering a larger amount.

Co-owner Anne Guarnieri states, “Terra Valley farm was founded during a family quest for good health. After struggling with inflammation, allergies and autoimmune issues we were introduced to the wonderful world of organic, free-range, grain-free eating.”

For more information, call Dan at 847-754-5760.