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Mindful Meditation Harnesses the Power of Attention

Apr 26, 2015 12:47AM ● By Maytawee Maggie Wilkins

Stilling the mind and calming the body is often easy to say, yet can be much harder to implement. Minutes consume our attention, adding up to hours. Before we know it, the latter part of the day is gone. Often, we are catapulted into the next task, disrupting our physical and emotional balance from ease to dis-ease. The remedy for this is mindful meditation.

There are now myriad confirmations that mindful meditation reduces stressors and promotes physical and emotional wellness. Over time, the mindful state has the ability to manifest healthy answers for almost any emotional or physical disorder. Clients working with mindful meditation engage their psychological activities to have an equilibrium effect on a variety of mental and physical conditions, including obsessive/compulsive disorder, anxiety and the prevention of relapse in cases of depression and drug addiction. Mindful meditation has gained worldwide popularity as a distinctive method to handle unwanted emotions. Living from our conscious mindful state in a meditative way, even while in action, retunes to us an abundance life harmony and joy.

Meditation is a practice in which an individual trains the mind in conscious awareness to be in the now. Not indulging in past or future, we become mindful of experiencing body/mind balance.  At first, it might take work to monitor our thoughts, to become aware of where are attention is and to use conscious breath as the tool for the myriad emotions that we experience in one day. Mindfulness in a meditation conscious state is our natural way of being. When lived, hours pass in flow and harmony, energizing life within and out with a powerful life force that is often recognized as youthfulness.

A simple breath is the tool to bring us back to body consciousness. Body consciousness allows our attention to be mindful; in mindfulness, we have the power of now—the meditative state; the mayta (wisdom) state—our authentic way of being. The power of now rests in observing this moment in non-judgment. Breath balances this in our body, while the mind can awaken our infinite wisdom. Living this way continues to clear and balance our muscle memory, which holds our emotions, to give us an end result of feeling restful, joyous and at peace.

For thousands of years, Eastern cultures have been living in mindfulness or living in a mindful meditation state. This wisdom is available to everyone to live now in our busy day. Embrace the bliss now of experiencing mindful responses while resting in the meditative state. Magic unfolds in gratitude.


Maytawee was born in Scotland, and lived in the Chicago area for many years. She now calls Thailand and Canada her home. In 1998, Maytawee spent personal time with Eckhart Tolle, learning from him The Power of Now, later becoming his personal assistant. She studied with spiritual master Mooji and monk Phra Bhasakorn. In 2012, Maytawee was ordained as a nun monk, dedicating her teachings to serve others in liberating the soul and harmonizing the body/mind. Her extended experience as a doctrine of divinity, inspirational speaker, Fast Track Release and Ajna Light therapist, along with Mandala Sacred Movement and 25 years as a mindful life coach, instills balance into all that she offers. 

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