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Commute Your Way to a Naturopathic Career

The Naturopathic School of the Healing Arts (NSHA), in nearby Ann Arbor, Michigan, invites Chicagoland students to attend the state-licensed school, which offers a two-year accelerated program in traditional naturopathy, a growing field with practitioners in all 50 states.

Naturopathic physician, ND, and Master Herbalist diploma programs begin in the fall. The Eight Pillars of Naturopathy: diet, bodywork, herbal medicine, energy medicine, movement, hydrotherapy, sleep/rest dynamics and education/counsel, are addressed through hands-on, experiential natural physician training. The Eight Pillars of Naturopathy is an intellectual model for the traditional naturopath practice paradigm, developed by Mary Light, ND, MH, LMT, from which NSHA draws its core curriculum.


Special early registration discounts apply. For more information about schedules, fees, staff bios and testimonials from alumni and current students, call 734-769-7794 or visit