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New Services Help Clients Reach Goals at Comfy Fitness

Kristina Smith, Carrie Drapac, Samantha Elliot, Kira Elliot, Ashley Little-Rea

The staff at Comfy Fitness understands that achieving a truly healthy lifestyle is about more than just exercise. Co-owners Carrie Drapac and Kira Elliot say, “Frequently, folks find themselves in a struggle with their health—knowing what to do and still not doing it. Education, knowing the whys and hows and personal discovery is the only way to conquer that struggle. To better support our clients in overcoming the most common obstacles, we are excited to introduce two new services: fitness nutrition and behavioral counseling. No matter your goals, with our selection of services, we know a healthy but realistic lifestyle is possible.”


Location: 2115 N. Damen Ave., Chicago. For more information, call 312-373-0727 or visit