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Natural Awakenings Chicago

Learn About Retrogrades, Karma, Reincarnation and Revisioning

May 27, 2015 02:32PM

Lin Ewing

Astrologer Lin Ewing will investigate retrograde energy and all that it brings to the human experience from 1 to 4 p.m., June 13, at the Edgar Cayce Holistic Center and Bookstore, in Des Plaines.

A planet that is retrograde is physically as close to Earth in its orbit as it can get, creating a dynamic and powerful influence on the human experience, especially relating to past-life issues and karmic residue. Retrograde planets cause us to pay attention to the status quo and review, reconsider and reinvent on a personal, cultural and global level.

Participants will look at retrogrades within the birth chart, as well as the universal energy of transiting retrogrades as they affect the planet. Guests may bring their natal chart for discussion or a chart they would like to investigate. If the natal chart is not available, please supply birth date, birth time and location when registering.


Cost is $20 for A.R.E. members; $25 for nonmembers. Location: 259 E. Central Rd., Des Plaines. To register, call 847-299-6535.