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Insightful Energy Therapy with Marla Goldberg

Marla Goldberg

Marla Goldberg, an energy healer and Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) practitioner with more than 12 years of experience, is now offering her services for Insightful Energy Therapy. She works with clients on clearing negative energies, entities, emotions, blocks, interferences and projections that are imprinted on their Akashic soul records from this life, as well as past-life traumas. After experiencing miraculous life shifts herself, Goldberg was driven to learn this powerful technique.

Goldberg’s SRT services begin with connecting to one’s spirit’s High Self. She then helps address issues from childhood, removing the legacy of past energies from homes and businesses, conquering toxic and limiting thought patterns, bringing balance to body and mind and gaining access to the power of one’s life.

Goldberg will also be participating at the Mind, Body, Spirit Expo at Skokie’s North Shore Center for Performing Arts on August 15 and 16. “I welcome you to stop by for more information about what type of transformation you’d like to see in your life,” says Goldberg. Helping people with their life’s shifts is a lifework. As she likes to say, “Shift happens, begin your shift with Insightful Energy Therapy.”

Goldberg works in person and phone consultations. For appointments, call 847-275-5584 or visit

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