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Awaken Wisdom with Maytawee

Maytawee (Maggie Wilkins)

Maytawee, a Buddhist Monk-nun and minister of divinity, will offer a variety of Awakening Your Authentic Wisdom classes and workshops this July and August in the Chicago area, including Fast Track Energy Release, Ajna Light Brainwave Healing and Mandala Sacred Dance Movement, as well as The Buddha Within and Awakening Wisdom talks.

Maytawee  (Maggie Wilkins) was born in Scotland and lived in the Chicago area for many years. She now calls Thailand and Canada her home. In 1998, she spent personal time with Eckhart Tolle, becoming his event coordinator, and then studied with spiritual master Mooji and Monk Phra Bhasakorn. In 2011, while in northern Thailand, Maytawee took the steps to become ordained as a Monk-nun, dedicating her life in service to others to awaken their soul wisdom. She also has 25 years of experience as a mindful life coach, writer and inspirational speaker, incorporating her doctorate of divinity and ministry into her healing arts.

Maytawee says, “Each modality offered has pathways to fit into our everyday life that offers results now. In our fast-paced world, we require fast healing to transform all fears into peace and pain into stillness. This awakens us to our authentic wisdom, and when we are in our authentic wisdom, we are in harmony with the flow of life. ”

Awakening Wisdom offers tools to discover and know the difference between our ego voice and our heart conscious (higher wisdom) within. Each exercise is a journey to awaken the Buddha within. Awakening Wisdom is fun and insightful, offering tools that can be used in our everyday life.

Fast Track Group Release pinpoints the group collective blocks and/or limitations. Through the Fast Track geometric 16-card system, Maytawee muscle tests the group to determine the root cause of the issue. Once cleared, she tests to find if any individuals are holding aspects of the issue that needs to be cleared. She will work with the individual to clear and ground what is required.

Fast Track Release Sessions discover energy blocks held in the emotional and etheric body that limits whole wellness. These blocks often cause ongoing physical and emotional pain, which can reoccur through our unconscious mind patterning. Organically, the body/mind recalibrates to experience our natural state, our authentic wisdom—the all knowing.

Ajna Light Therapy Sessions use an innovative and highly effective brainwave training system via a five-LED flickering light system that holds the frequency of the sun. Ajna Light is designed to balance and recalibrate the brain wave patterning of beta, delta, gamma, theta and alpha. As a result, we experience a healthy functioning brain. Ajna Light communicates through activating the pineal gland allowing the brain to naturally produce DMT.

Mindful Coaching Sessions can be effective in many situations, such as in harmonizing a life or career direction or to discover personal fulfillment. Mindful Coaching is the gateway to approach life through conscious awareness. This awakened state creates opportunities to have life unfold from a higher awareness rather than from the projection of past and future.


Maytawee will also be available for individual Fast Track, Ajna Light and Mindful Coaching sessions. For more information, dates and locations, and to schedule individual appointments, visit