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New Food Co-Op Opens in Oak Park

Sugar Beet Food Co-Op, located at 812 West Madison, in Oak Park, is now providing locally produced and organic food directly to the community. Sugar Beet is a full-service grocery store owned by community members and open to everyone. More than 1,100 owners have supported the co-op by buying a share, and applications are still being accepted. Many also volunteer on committees and work teams.

Whenever possible, the co-op will buy from small family farmers. It carries a wide range of local, organic and GMO-free foods and bulk items such as grains, soaps and cleaning products. The 6,300-square-foot store includes a coffee and juice bar and a demonstration table to inform on new recipes and skills that’ll inspire cooking from scratch using quality ingredients. The co-op’s unique Sugar Beet Food Co-opfixtures were crafted from reclaimed barn wood donated by a co-op owner and fashioned by two other owners.

Cheryl Muñoz, founder and project lead for Sugar Beet, states, “People want to know where their food comes from, they want to support small family farmers and they want to strengthen our local economy, too.”

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