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Lightworkers Conference Promises Higher Vibrations

Joanne Macko

The 11th annual Lightworkers Midwest Conference will be held from September 25 through 27 at Benedictine University, in Lisle. Produced annually by renowned visionary artist and life coach Joanne Macko, the conference attracts higher-conscious attendees, speakers and vendors from across the U.S.

There’ll be live entertainment, relevant topics and life-changing information in a beautiful, high-vibrational setting where attendees get to hear all the speakers in one room. Participants will learn about a natural “miracle from Alaska” that is changing lives globally, as presented by a former professional football player, and how to reboot life, stop poverty consciousness and turn life around for the better.

“Humanity is rapidly awakening and is thirsty for new knowledge in these changing times, and that’s what we bring to the table,” states Macko.

Natural Awakenings readers may attend the Fri. night session for $10 cash at the door or $111 for the entire weekend if registered by Aug. 20. Location: 5700 College Rd., in Lisle. For more information, call 630-579-8184 or visit