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Pediatric Compounding Offers Individualized Medication

Taking medicine is not often a pleasant experience, and this is especially true when it comes to children. Fortunately, pediatric compounding can solve many of the issues that arise when a child is faced with a condition that requires treatment with medication. Compounding is the practice of skillfully preparing and creating medications in forms that best fit the patient’s individualized needs.

For children, this may involve changing a medication that is commercially produced in a tablet or capsule into a liquid form for ease of swallowing, adding flavoring to a medication to make it more palatable, removing ingredients such as soy or gluten if the child has allergies to a certain component of a medication or creating a specific dosage strength that is not available normally.

Whatever issue is preventing a child from taking their prescribed medications, pediatric compounding can help alleviate the problems and get the child well. At a compounding pharmacy, many individualized alterations and formulations can be performed on a medication to ensure that the child will have an easier time taking the medication and that the medication will be effective in treating what it is intended for. Compounding pharmacists work closely with the child’s physician to formulate the most effective, safe and desirable drug product.

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