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Learn About The Havening Techniques at Introductory Talk in Chicago

Donna Ryen

The Havening Techniques are used by healthcare practitioners to eliminate trauma-related disturbances linked to phobias, chronic stress, pain, cravings and more. Donna Ryen, one of the first Havening Techniques trainers certified in the U.S., will be presenting a free introductory talk on the science, techniques and demonstration this September in Chicago. Developed by neuroscience researcher and author Ronald Ruden, M.D., Havening has helped thousands of people worldwide, including veterans suffering from PTSD and other war-related stresses.

The Havening Techniques belong to a larger group of treatments called psychosensory therapies, in which fully trained and certified practitioners use sensory input to alter thought, mood and behavior. “The consequences of trauma and difficult life events are stored in the brain and are activated by conscious or inadvertent recall, which generates symptoms such as stress and pain,” Ruden explains. “The Havening Techniques are designed to disrupt this pathway through a process called synaptic depotentiation. After performing the Havening Techniques, the distressing emotions, and sometimes even the ability to recall the memory, can be extinguished.”

Admission is free. For date and location, call Donna Ryen at 734-417-3884, email [email protected] or visit