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Keys to Manifestation: Build Your Dreams

Linda Roberts

Linda Roberts, of Whispers of Love, Inc., will discuss energy clearing and ways to improve our lives through powerful manifestation techniques on October 24 at the Libertyville Civic Center, as part of an event sponsored by The Present Moment. Roberts, an intuitive, shamanic practitioner, animal communicator, medical intuitive and Reiki master teacher, will be among several speakers to offer life-improving ideas for participants.

She is compassionate about helping people and their animal companions, and enjoys seeing results of the energy work she utilizes when assisting in improving the lives of the people and animals that she consults. Roberts also uses natural remedies in her practice such as essential oils, and recommends dietary, environmental and physiological improvements to help her clients.

Roberts’ classes empower people to move into positive balance within their lives, and she is currently accepting new clients and offering several new courses.


Location: 135 W. Church St., Libertyville. For more information and to preregister (required), call 312-231-5607 or visit