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The Present Moment Re-opens as an Internet Business

The Present Moment, which closed its doors in 2006, is reopening as an online store offering products which uplift, bring a smile, provide comfort and keep us grounded in what’s possible. Founder and CEO Sue Opeka says she chose this strategy after repeated requests from former customers that were having difficulty finding the unique items she carried in her brick-and-mortar Libertyville store.

“I’ve received so many emails asking me where something I carried could be found,” she says. “It’s exciting to be able to once more offer this inspirational and touching merchandise to my customers.”

Opeka believes adding an online store to her existing portfolio of offerings rounds out the mission of The Present Moment, which is to provide inspiration, build community and make connections. Now, in addition to attending an event or workshop or visiting the Trusted Professionals directory to find Opeka’s favorite practitioners, visitors will also find inspiration by patronizing The Present Moment’s online store.


To shop, visit