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Training The World’s Hearts to Beat as One: An interview with Bruce Lipton

Sep 25, 2015 05:04PM ● By Linda Sechrist

Bruce Lipton

Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., author of The Biology of Belief and The Honeymoon Effect, is a stem cell biologist and internationally recognized leader in bridging science and spirit. He is a visiting fellow lecturer on immunology at the New Zealand College of Chiropractic and will participate in the Foundation for Conscious Evolution’s seventh Worldwide Meeting on Human Values, streamed live from Monterrey, Mexico, from October 23 to 25. Natural Awakenings Chicago recently asked Lipton about his thoughts on the new biology and conscious evolution.

What is epigenetics?

Programmed with genetic determinism, many individuals believe that genes entering the fertilized egg at conception determine our character and cast our fate. In other words, some believe we are programmed to be victims of molecules called DNA. If you can’t pick your genes and have no control of your life, you become powerless, and seek someone in the biomedical community to take care of you and fix your genes.

I introduced a new vision about the understanding of genes more than 48 years ago. It is now the new science of epigenetics. It sounds almost the same except for the revolutionary “epi”, which means “above.” The epigenetic control that is “above” the gene is a combination of the environment in which we live and our perception of it. This is significant since you are the one who regulates your own environment. You are the master of your genetics, rather than a victim of your heredity.

Do you believe epigenetics is the future of medicine?

The new science of epigenetics is a revolution in our knowledge and awareness regarding heredity. This new concept of biology is so big that it’s going to bring about a radical change capable of producing a revolution within our civilization. Its dynamics are equivalent to the leap in knowledge from Newtonian physics to quantum physics, which led to everything from computers to cell phones and Martian rovers. We are free to leave behind the belief that genes cause cancer. In changing our lifestyle, beliefs and perceptions, we also change our genetic expression.

How you interpret the world is translated by the brain into chemical information that adjusts the behavior and genetics of cells to complement your perception of the world. You could live in the healthiest environment, but if your mind perceives it as threatening and non-supportive, your biology will become less healthy and can generate disease. The cells’ response is based on the brain’s information, which in actuality is only an interpretation. Your perceptions and the way you live adjusts the genes to manifest either a functional state of health or one of dysfunction.

What do you mean by saying the body is a virtual reality machine that is operated by our spiritual nature?

I had no inclination towards spirituality until I studied how the environment controls the DNA in our cell nucleus and how no two people are the same biologically. If I put my cells in another human, their immune system will recognize it as “not-self” and begin to eliminate them.

Where is the “self” that makes people different?

On the surface of virtually all of our cells there are thousands of protein receptors that function like miniature antennae. These protein receptors read and respond to environmental signals in the same manner as the “receptors” on the surface of our skin, such as our eyes, ears, and nose. Each human also possesses a unique set of “identity” receptors, a subset of which are called “self-receptors” by the biomedical community. These identity-providing sets of “self-receptors” found on almost all of our cells, with the primary exception of red blood cells, are not related to the cell’s function (i.e., as muscle, bone, brain, and heart).

Conventional medicine studies the physical aspect of self-receptors as being the source of “self.” Unfortunately, they are overlooking the environmental “signals” received by these self-receptors. In other words, my identity, your identity and everyone else’s, is linked to the signal received by the antennae. When I got to this point in my research, I realized that we can’t die because our real identity is represented by the invisible environment-derived “broadcast,” which might legitimately be referred to as spirit. My personal identity signal is received by each of my 50 trillion cells endowed with the unique set of “Bruce” self-receptors. While my physical body is like a TV, the “spiritual-broadcast” representing the Bruce Show is an eternal, energetic element of the environment.

What is entrainment and why is it important today?

A group of heart cells in a Petri dish will each beat on its own vibrational frequency. After a couple of days, the heart cells start beating in synchrony with each other, because the stronger heart cells control the tempo of the beat. The other cells organize their behavior to entrain and be in synch with the more powerful one. This happens in women’s dormitories at the beginning of school year when they have different menstrual cycles. Later in the school year, there is an entrainment, and women’s menstrual cycles begin and end about the same time. That’s because they were linking to a pulse and a beat, just like the heart cells.

Humans become entrained to a higher force that is an invisible broadcast of energy in harmony or in discordance. If we all held the intention for living a life of love and peace, the broadcast of that harmonic energy would be amplified and individuals who are not quite there would eventually entrain to the stronger signal of peace and love. This is the shift we need to make for conscious evolution to occur.


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