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Enlightened Balance Chakra Spa is a Spiritual Oasis

Oct 25, 2015 02:09PM ● By Carrie Jackson

Kim Grannemann

Enlightened Balance Chakra Spa, in historic downtown Crystal Lake, is more than just a retail store or healing center. Owner Kim Grannemann describes the space as “a spiritual boutique that embraces all cultures. We are committed to continue to build a sense of community.” Grannemann, who founded the space in 2013, encourages clients and customers to explore their spiritual side in a safe, welcoming environment without judgment.

Enlightened Balance has a wide variety of products from more than 50 local artists, all with a holistic feel. Customers can browse pendulums, vintage artifacts, semiprecious jewelry, essential oils, crystals, organic teas, altar supplies, scarves, statues, smudging sets, Himalayan lamps, rain sticks and other eclectic gifts. “We have $10 artist cards to $1,200 ‘statement’ wall art. It is important to me that regardless of your budget, you can find something that speaks to you. We’re located in a pedestrian mall, so we are blessed to have the opportunity to have new ‘explorers’ stumble upon us every day. It’s a great opportunity for them to try new things,” says Grannemann. She is happy to answer questions, offer suggestions or help people find something new.

Owning a spiritual boutique is a huge shift for Grannemann, who spent years in the corporate world and describes herself as an overly analytical person. “I ran a huge company with thousands of employees. I was taking calls at 3 a.m. and responding to emails at all hours. I didn’t realize how bad it had become until my children started to point out how distracted and emotionally unavailable I was,” she says. After a series of events that shifted her journey and perspective, Grannemann came to the conclusion that there was more to life than money and she needed to do something different in her life. She visited an intuitive psychic that helped her realize that she was actually an intuitive herself. “I always thought I just paid attention more than other people. Now I know I have a gift,” says Grannemann.

In addition to the retail space, Enlightened Balance features practitioners that offer private sessions and group classes. “All of my practitioners found me; I never posted an advertisement. The energy match was just right, and in this spiritual world, I now realize there are no accidents,” notes Grannemann. Services include channeled medium sessions, aura analysis, aura photography, chakra channeling, Reiki energy balancing sessions, reflexology, palm readings, tarot readings, spiritual attunement, dream interpretations and guided meditative journeys. “Everyone who is a part of Enlightened Balance is not just respected in their field, but are relatable. They are people you would want to get to know and be friends with. Our mission is to pass on our positive energy to customers and clients the minute they walk through the door,” shares Grannemann.

Enlightened Balance offers classes where people can connect with each other while embracing personal growth at the same time. Every Thursday morning, they hold an Introduction to Journeying meditation, and every Friday there is a Guided Manifestation meditation and a Law of Attraction workshop. There is a monthly Essential Oils workshop, Introduction to Intuitive Watercolor Painting, a SoulCollage™ workshop and an Intuition Insights 101 or “Psychic You” class, where attendees can explore their own intuitive abilities.

While people come from all over to browse the boutique, indulge in private sessions or take an enriching class, Grannemann does see a connection between her customers. “Many people are at a major shift in their lives. That can be a divorce, financial shifts or even redefining themselves. They are trying to remember what they used to enjoy before life got so complicated. Some are facing a major illness such as cancer and are looking for natural alternatives and spiritual inspiration. Others are searching for something deeper in their lives—maybe they are learning that vacations and having lots of things is simply not what is important. They are looking to get back to what does really matter—inner peace, self-care, personal growth, happiness and harmony—in other words, an Enlightened Balance.”

Grannemann is now certain that nothing happens by accident or is a coincidence. “In our classes, we encourage people to really listen to their inner voices. They use their intuition to pick colors and are even encouraged to paint blindfolded to get in touch with all of their senses. I want people to find what stirs their soul and allows them to be their best selves. True happiness starts when you love and believe in yourself and honor the person that makes you that unique, beautiful person you are,” she says.

Enlightened Balance Chakra Spa is located at 30 N. Williams St., Ste. F, in Crystal Lake (facing the pedestrian garden area). For more information, call 815-307-1180, visit or


Carrie Jackson is an Evanston-based writer and frequent contributor to Natural Awakenings magazine. Connect at