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Three Saucy Secrets for Getting Younger with Age

Oct 25, 2015 02:10PM ● By GuruNischan Khalsa

The secret to getting younger as we get older is cultivating perennial gratitude; the kind that shows up effortlessly year after year, moment after moment. This means that we access a place within us that is deeper than our circumstances. It is a remembrance of who we really are. It is the simple awareness of the breath moving in and out of our body at any given moment. This in itself truly is a miracle.

Too often we stress and worry about too much. We major in minor things. When we can take time to gain perspective on what we really have and better yet, who we really are, we allow ourselves to operate from a place of appreciation and gratitude all the time, not just a few weeks a year. Perennial gratitude requires of us to become trailblazers. We must wear it like a body lotion—smear it all over ourselves and relish in the delight it brings. The outside world will always have turmoil and chaos at some time or another. We must know how to flow with the ups and downs, and the ebb and flow of physical existence without being dismembered or derailed along the way. The winds of change blow on all of us. Let us learn to set our sails with clear intention and attention.

Tip One:  Drop the Emotional Baggage

Past hurts, trauma, neglect and resentment are a heavy weight that aren’t worth the suffering that we endure. Our muscle tissues, cells and organs carry memory far beyond our awareness. Clearing old wounds out of the physiology is one of the most powerful ways to stay young, healthy and fit. Drop the dead weight; it’s not flattering. We can get help if we don’t know how to do this. We all need a coach once in a while to see ourselves beyond the frame of our everyday life. It’s no shame to admit we may need outside help to take the first step to living fully without the burden of the past. It’s time to let it go.


Tip Two: Become Our Own Best Lover

We are all doing the best we can with what we have in this moment. Expecting others to live up to our expectations uses a lot of energy and is a never-ending mental disappointment and defeat. Owning our capacity to love ourselves, to acknowledge our mistakes and occasional lack of awareness, and our capacity to keep loving ourselves beyond the chaos of our lives is a powerful force. Authentic love heals deeply. Loving ourselves gives us the capacity to give more to those we love. How can we expect our bodies, minds or emotions to respond to anything other than loving kindness? Try it and see what happens when we come from a place of support and love, versus rejection, bitterness and hatred.

Learning to love and accept ourselves in spite of our faults, wrongdoings and negative thinking leads us to a place where forgiveness is the breeding ground for a possibility of lasting change to occur from within.


Tip Three:  Practice Daily Appreciation

One of the most important things we can do for ourselves to experience true wealth and beauty is to appreciate ourselves daily (sometimes by the minute, if need be). Giving to ourselves creates the space to support others. Healing happens when we are relaxed and in a state of appreciation of exactly the way we are in this moment.

We should not push or pull, just appreciate, no matter the story we are invested in. We must be willing to ask questions, even when no answer comes our way. How can we learn from this? How is this serving us? In the silence of not knowing, relax, love and accept ourselves, our life and those around us, exactly the way it is right now. Learning to cultivate the inner soils of our hearts and the rich fertility of our minds and allowing ourselves to bask in the light of our delight for being is truly a gift that keeps on giving.


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