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Healing Through Holistic Mind-Body Practices

Michele Marchese, CHT, MWBWP, a mind and body wellness practitioner and owner of Holistic Craft, in Lake Forest, offers several different holistic therapies, including hypnotherapy, intuitive life coaching, holistic recipes, flower essential oil and essence therapy. A graduate of Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, she also writes and creates hypnotherapy scripts and CDs.

Marchese knows she was born to help people; her own journey through illness inspired her to learn holistic methods to heal and decrease pain. She says she loves being part of her clients’ holistic journey and enjoys when they discover how to relax and nourish their spiritual awakening. “My mission is to help others help themselves through positive affirmations, subliminal thoughts and enlightenment, bringing life to natural solutions,” she says.


Location: 100 S Saunders Rd., Ste. 150, Lake Forest. For more information, call 224-623-2856 or visit