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Inflammation is at the Root of Colds and Flu

Oct 25, 2015 02:09PM ● By Eric Nagaj

All of the common illnesses are really inflammations. Infection is the wrong term to use, because it suggests that we get sick because germs invade us. This is misleading. We are always exposed to and often invaded by germs, and yet we only occasionally get sick.

When we know we’re starting to come down with something, we should stop eating altogether and start drinking as many hot herbal teas and hot citrus drinks as can be tolerated. When the body is trying to process and eliminate toxic substances, it helps if we don’t have to digest much food at the same time. Therefore, the general rule is to avoid protein-rich foods during an acute illness. Empty the bowels if there is anything left in them. An enema or suppository works fastest.

Never wake up an ill person to give a remedy, because sleep is the best healer. Always dress the patient warmly, because that will increase their body’s ability to handle inflammation. The body, in its wisdom, wants and needs to be hot in order to burn out impurities.

Remedies must be given regularly and consistently if they are to work properly. As the illness improves, the frequency of the dose can be decreased from every one or two hours to three or four times daily, but remedies should not be stopped until two or three days after the fever is gone, and not before other symptoms have also cleared up. Remember, the germs don’t cause the illness; they feed on it.


Eric Nagaj, M.D., board certified in internal medicine, specializes in anthroposophic medicine at Advanced Arlington Sports Medicine. For more information, call 847-243-0355 or visit