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Overcome the Obstacle of Adversity

Chuck Solomonson & Nancy Bernard

Overcome the Obstacle, in which left-brain psychotherapy and right-brain holistic healing come together, is a powerful collaboration of holistic and psychotherapeutic techniques offered by Nancy Bernard and Chuck Solomonson to surmount the difficulties that limit experiencing the true richness of life. Mindfulness and compassion are their keys to interconnectedness of the mind, body, emotions and spirit.

This can be very effective in overcoming obstacles created by the impact of past experiences or current events, enabling individuals to live life more enriched, empowered, joyful and innerly peaceful. They believe honoring and releasing the upsetting elements from the body is vital. They also offer crystal healing, chakra balancing, Reiki, shamanic healing, EFT, Heart-Loving Yoga, collage therapy, EMDR trauma therapy and talk therapy.

Bernard’s passion lies in the rediscovery of one’s own true self. Solomonson utilizes narrative and cognitive therapies with an interpersonal approach to efficiently and effectively resolve what is going on.


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