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Achieve Optimum Health with InteriorWerx

Susan Curry

InteriorWerx, a leading-edge solution to health and wellness issues, provides a natural remedy for optimum conditioning of the body and mind, with proven results. When the body signals energetic abnormalities through symptoms such as anxiety, pain, sadness, allergies or recurring physical injuries, it creates the opportunity to reach the root cause of the problem. InteriorWerx adjusts a client’s frequencies back into true health.

Susan Curry developed InteriorWerx more than four years ago after researching and training with a forensic psychiatrist for more than 12 years. During that time, she was able to establish the depth of her abilities and found that InteriorWerx created quicker and more effective results than established psychotherapy practices.

InteriorWerx is offered through healing sessions with Curry in Lincoln Park (Chicago), San Diego, Scottsdale and by phone.


Cost is $125 per hour, with free 15-minute consultation. Natural Awakenings readers save 20 percent with promo code NEWCLIENT. Also 20 percent off with packages: three sessions for $300 and five sessions for $500. Make appointments and learn more at