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Natural Awakenings Chicago

Learn Why and How to Create a Healing Mandala

Oct 25, 2015 02:10PM

Gail Alexander

Gail Alexander, a combination artist, therapist, channel and energy worker, will present The Transformative and Healing Power of Mandalas from 7 to 9 p.m., November 13, at the The Edgar Cayce Holistic Center and Bookstore in Unity Northwest Church, in Des Plaines.

The program includes the definition, history and overview of mandalas. Mandala is Sanskrit for circle and Alexander describes her energy mandalas as sacred circles of universal knowledge. Each image is hand-drawn and holds a specific frequency and vibration derived from the principles of sacred geometry.

Participants will practice guided imagery meditation using mandalas and be offered suggestions on how to create their own mandala. By the end of the lecture, participants will feel more open, balanced and have a deeper understanding of how mandalas/symbols can help them transform and heal their lives.

Alexander has studied many different healing traditions, including Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing, Angelic Healing Fire, DNA Theta Healing, EFT, Reiki and Quantum Touch.


Admission is $25; $20 for A.R.E. members. Other upcoming A.R.E. programs include Nutritional Response Testing and a discussion of Cooked, by Michael Pollan. Location: 259 E. Central Rd., Des Plaines. For reservations, call 847-299-6535. Visit