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Time for a Timely Tune-Up with The Tummy Whisperer

Reneé Barasch

If we are eating a healthy diet, but still have digestive issues, it might be time to examine how well our internal plumbing is working and see what’s going on in there. During December, clients can take $100 off the price of three visits designed to get your diet and digestion back on track with Reneé Barasch, “The Tummy Whisperer”.

Whether seasonal eating, holiday emotions and/or stress are causing digestive disturbances or whether we are just indulging in too much of a good thing, this program is designed to bring relief to digestive woes.

Barasch, owner of Nutritional Health Solutions, is extensively trained in digestive issues and offers solutions to resolve symptoms. She says, “To me, digestion is not about deprivation. It’s about integrating better choices more frequently into your life. I will help you to make food substitutions that taste great and help you to avoid being uncomfortable and suffering digestive symptoms like bloating, fatigue, cramping and headaches.”


Location; 480 Elm Pl., Highland Park. For appointments, call 847-207-2034 or visit