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Raydiant Day Offers Space for Growth and Engagement

Nov 25, 2015 ● By Carrie Jackson

Peter and Aliess Kime

When Peter and Aliess Kime opened Raydiant Day Center in October 2014, part of their purpose was to foster a nourishing relationship with others in the community. Their location on a tree-lined residential street in Evanston allows them to connect with neighbors walking by, other small businesses in the area and their natural environment. Through workshops, classes, special events and private sessions, Raydiant Day is a place for people to heal, get support for living their higher purpose and develop a sustainable, synergistic relationship to the Earth.

Before they were married, Peter and Aliess knew that they were going to create something together. They both have a strong desire to create conscious community and opening a space where they could make that happen was a natural step. They found the space for Raydiant Day while driving by on an accidental detour one day. Something about it seemed just right, and they spent a lot of time painting and designing the inside to be a warm, welcoming, healing environment. “We spell Raydiant with a ‘y’ because we want to remind people of their light-filled nature; that we each shine our unique ray of spirit,” says Peter.

On any given day, the Kimes can be found facilitating a Bright Body chakra attunement class, hosting a Movies that Move Us night, guiding a Nature’s Heart Workshop and Wonderwalk or leading a drum and talking stick circle. Aliess, who has been a dancer most of her life, also leads the weekly Nia classes. “It’s a very holistic fitness practice that honors the body and its interconnection with mind, emotions, and spirit. Dancing barefoot, you experience full contact with the floor and are more aware of how your body feels in the movement. At the start of each class, I set a body focus and a larger intent for the session. This allows us to express and explore something different in each class,” she says.

Peter, who has almost three decades of experience in spiritual healing and counseling, has spent years studying Bio-Energetics, Healing Touch therapies, meditation practices and the role of personal narrative in well-being. At Raydiant Day, he offers healing and counseling sessions in the Chrysalis room, a clay-lined session space, or over the phone.

Each session is an organic process which begins with the client’s own aspirations and goals. Then, following a spirit-led inquiry, Peter may ask certain questions or use non-verbal methods such as gestures, touch points and drawing to access other levels of truth. “My job is to create a compassionate, non-judgmental space to help you go beyond the defenses of the lower ego mind and connect with the wisdom of your higher self,” he says.

His most recent project, Raydiant Lightware, is a technology available online that he developed for personal empowerment and awakening. It uses an interactive matrix of shapes, lines, color and light to bring clients to a more awakened and empowered state. He recommends it for people that want to have more vitality, sense of possibility, passion and purpose in their daily lives at work or play and in their relationships.

The Kimes are growing their offerings this year to include a collaboration with a chiropractor that specializes in network chiropractic, a technique utilizing relaxing light touches that balance the nervous system and reactivate the body’s innate intelligence toward self-healing. They are also adding a Sunday morning group meditation and a quarterly Astrology Salon. Other ongoing offerings include a weekly Tuesday night 5Rhythms class and appointments on the BioMat for cell vitalization and brain entrainment for therapeutic relaxation and healing.

The mission of the center is to help people create a conscious connection with themselves and each other and to help them be fit to enjoy a truly radiant life. While the Kimes don’t subscribe to one particular religion, they support all beliefs and encourage people to explore their own spirituality. “Ultimately, our well-being is dependent on recognizing the sacred in ourselves and each other, as well as the living Earth. We need to see and honor the radiance within everything,” says Aliess.

Raydiant Day is a space that encourages people to be as present as possible in their everyday life. “Today, a lot of people are very active, but undernourished. We are so busy, but not necessarily with fulfilling activities. We’re here to support you in creating a life that’s truly nourishing; one that’s aligned with your heart’s vision in partnership with one another,” says Peter.


Raydiant Day Center is located at 1400 Greenleaf St., in Evanston. For more information, call 847-869-6477 or visit


Carrie Jackson is an Evanston-based writer and frequent contributor to Natural Awakenings magazine. Connect at