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Anthroposophic Remedies May Help Ease Migraine Symptoms

Nov 25, 2015 ● By Eric Nagaj

Migraines affect millions of people daily, and yet their precise cause remains elusive. The word migraine derives from the Greek hemicrania, signifying a half-head, and thereby pointing to the tendency for migraine headaches to be one-sided. The one-sidedness of a migraine headache seems then to point to processes arising in the metabolic system of our bodily organization that overwhelm the true nerve-sense processes; simply speaking, blood process rushes to the brain. Thus migraine is a reaction against such imbalance.

The human organism is made up of three systems working side-by-side. The head and nervous system consists of the life of the nerves and senses; the trunk and the rhythmic system includes the breathing and the circulation of the blood; and thirdly, the limbs and the metabolic system. These three systems comprise everything that, duly coordinated, keeps the whole human body in healthy working order.

With a migraine, the brain may be called upon to vicariously complete the digestive process, functions for which it is not suited. In some individuals, certain foodstuffs cannot be digested fully and then pass as undigested foreign substances into the brain and nervous system: chocolate and cheese are well-known examples.

Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner proposed a remarkable remedy for its treatment—Bidor tablets that contain ferrous sulfate (iron and sulfur) and silica (quartz). This combination of iron and sulfur acts on a pass-through point between the digestive and respiratory process. Sulfur intensifies the metabolic process and iron stimulates the respiratory process. By giving both iron and sulfur, we can harmonize metabolic and respiratory systems and prevent digestive function to overflow to the neurosensory system.

By giving quartz, we can strengthen the system. Working with an anthroposophical physician, Bidor should be administered for a period of seven weeks, three times a day. Each course should be followed by an interval of five weeks, during which aurum D10 (a homeopathic preparation) can be given, along with course of treatment to improve liver function such as Hepatodoron, Chelidonium.


Eric Nagaj, M.D., practices pain relief therapy at Arlington Advanced Medical Center, in Buffalo Grove. Bidor is available for purchase at his office. For more information, visit