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Natural Awakenings Chicago

Our readers write

Nov 25, 2015 12:04AM

Terrific Magazine…

There are many useful and meaningful pieces of information tucked away in many of the articles in Natural Awakenings. Although I’m retired, I work part-time in a bookstore and I see more and more people of all ages increasingly stressed and apparently selling themselves daily to get more “stuff.” In addition, I see a dramatically increasing level of pretense in more people. I see this as a truly great loss in the quality of people’s lives.


~ Roger (Chicago)


Just a note to say…

I enjoyed reading your piece on the cover of this month’s (November’s) Natural Awakenings. I love seeing the buds that trees and bushes put forth each fall in preparations for spring! I remember finally becoming aware of this as an adult, and realizing then what a spring-oriented, youth-focused culture we are that spring gets all the credit when the real work of regeneration occurs quietly each fall. Happy fall.


~ Susan (Milwaukee)