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Sacred Sound Transcendental Meditation & Relax-Palooza Healing Weekend

Sven Oscar Hansen & Bob Macko

Lisa Faremouth Weber, owner of Heaven Meets Earth Yoga Studio, in Evanston, is hosting a Sacred Sound & Transcendental Shivasana Journey at 6:30 p.m., December 5, as part of a Holiday Relax-Palooza Weekend. Bob Macko and Sven Oscar Hansen, of MahaRa Band, and DJ Taz Rashid are collaborating on this event. MahaRa has been providing the live music and sound healing for Weber’s outdoor yoga and live music events at Dawes House and the lakefront in Evanston for the last four years. Look for their summer season of outdoor yoga and live music during the summer starting in June 2016. 

Relax-Palooza debuts on December 6 from 3 to 5 p.m. A Thai/shiatsu massage station, patchouli facial treatment station, crystal bar and Oracle Card reading station will be available in the Chakra Sanctuary and Healing Palace, followed by Restorative Reiki Yoga by candlelight at 5:30 p.m.

“Music is the language of the soul. I am deeply committed to healing sound experiences as a medicine for draining mind chatter and coming into the grace and beauty of present time,” says Weber.

“There is a tremendous amount of scientific research on the health benefits of meditation and mindful practices. Experiencing a sound healing clears the energy field of toxic energy, trauma and residual energy. This energy healing allows for subtle body energy expansion which strengthens our nervous system and boosts our immune system. This is a medicine for us in the new paradigm.”

Cost of Sound Journey is $25; Relax-Palooza is $95. Location: 2746 Central St., Evanston. For more information, call 847-475-1500 or visit