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Bioimpedance Provides a Roadmap to Weight Loss

Sarah Graef, DC, CCN, LDN

Certified Acupuncturist Dr. Sarah Graef, DC, CCN, LDN, owner of Natural Solutions, in Vernon Hills, has added clinical-grade bioimpedance to her practice. She states, “Health can be hard to measure, and many people get frustrated with scales. While weight is part of the story, it certainly isn’t the whole story. Weight may stay the same while fat decreases and muscle increases. People may give up on their healthy changes because they don’t think it is helping.”

She explains that bioimpedance fills in some of the holes by measuring much more than weight. A small electrical current goes through EKG electrodes that are connected to the wrist and ankle. A machine then interprets the resistance to the electrical signal and measures fat mass, lean body mass, metabolic rate and hydration, giving an overall measure of health, called phase angle. The process only takes a few minutes.

Graef adds, “Bioimpedance offers an accurate look at where patients start, as well as clear feedback on progress after healthy lifestyle changes. The printout of the biomarkers is very motivating.”


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