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Deane Offering Anti-Aging Treatments

Eunice Deane, DC

Eunice Deane, DC, is now offering a range of healthy aging solutions at her Chicago office for clients of all ages, including laser therapy treatments and BioCell formulas for anti-aging, pain relief and recovery.

In-office laser light therapy treatments are effective for anti-aging, have cosmetic benefits and treat wounds, as well as bringing relief from a variety of skin conditions, including acne, cellulite, chronic itching, diabetic skin conditions, eczema, fungus, scars, wrinkles and varicose veins.

Deane is now offering Liquid BioCell, a nutraceutical product clinically shown to promote healthy aging, active joints and younger-looking skin with 13 potent, antioxidant-rich superfruits and resveratrol, widely studied for its roles in longevity and cardiovascular health.

Deane graduated from the National College of Chiropractic in 1998 and has extensive postdoctoral training in applied kinesiology, quintessential application, acupuncture, rehabilitation, chiropractic internal medicine, nutrition, chiropractic neurology and brain-based, brain-balancing therapy.


Location: 6137 N. Elston Ave., Chicago. For more information, call 773-631-5001 or visit