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How Juicing Can Help Us Lose Weight and Get Healthy . . .

Dec 23, 2015 01:50PM ● By Megy Karydes

For the next three months, we’ll be featuring great juicing resources to check out in the area, as well as recipes, tips and suggestions. Our February issue will feature an in-depth look at the juicing phenomenon and some of its health benefits, and March will include ways we can incorporate juicing in our life. We'll also explore the benefits of cold press versus regular, or blender, juicing and suggestions for specific conditions. We start the new year and our January Health and Wellness issue by getting to know some of the local juice suppliers in our special Juice section.

Juicing entails the extraction of vitamins, minerals, water and sugar from whole fruits and vegetables in order to consume the nutrition benefits in a quick, easy drink. It’s an easy way to get much-needed fruits and vegetables into a diet easily if not consumed much throughout the day.

Juicing has become popular for good reason: the claims are attractive. A juice cleanse can detoxify the body and bloodstream while kicking up the immune system to help ward off sickness.

It’s a quick, easy and healthy way to get our nutrients. Juicing is refreshing and tastes great; makes you feel full, but also lighter; may help with weight loss and cleansing; and  doesn’t take a lot of expensive equipment to get started or maintain. Dozens of juice bars and fresh juice delivery services are opening across the Chicagoland area to meet growing demand.


“Always cold? Try cayenne pepper, inside and out! Put it in your food to help warm the body from the inside. As an added benefit, it helps move mucus through the body! Also place it in your shoes to help warm the body from the outside. It’s a natural alternative to the warm packs that rely on a chemical reaction.”

~ Karyn Calabrese, owner of Karyn’s, in Chicago



“Organic juicing is the healthiest way to ‘eat’. Drinking freshly made juice will flood your body with vitamins and minerals that will have you feeling balanced and energized.  Juicing or juice cleansing can be used to rid your body of the unwanted toxins that keep you from being the best you can be!”

~ Thalia Pharris, General Manager of Infiniteus Rocks and Juice, in Chicago



“Drinking fresh-pressed, raw, organic juice was one of the most important aspects of my journey to heal from a chronic autoimmune disorder nearly six years ago, for which modern medicine was not able to heal. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of using organic produce and the importance of not processing the juice in any way. I encourage you to do your homework, particularly if you are juicing to heal from a health challenge.”

~ Dean Kasal, owner of JuiceRx, in Chicago




“When juicing citrus fruits, try to juice the skin, as that is where many of the important nutrients hide. Make sure to always use organic and thoroughly wash the fruit before you juice.”

~ Dennis Dombrow, owner of Juice on Wheels, in Schaumburg









“I always have a low-sugar green juice two to three hours after my morning Bulletproof (coffee). This does several things: it encourages the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and nutrients on an empty stomach; re-alkalizes my body after the inherently acidic coffee; and keeps me in a temporary state of ketosis (fat-burning mode) because it’s low in sugar.”   

~ Nick Boskovich, president, HI-VIBE, in Chicago










“Juice a rainbow and follow the 80/20 rule of ratio of veggies to fruits. This makes sure that you are getting as many phytonutrients as possible, like drinking a rainbow. When done properly—and with a little education—juicing can propel you into living a healthy lifestyle. Commit to one juice a couple times a week or start with a cleanse. You will notice how quickly your body craves the liquid nutrition.” 

~ Kim King, co-owner of Mingle Juice Bar, in Glenview



“In addition to juicing, dry skin brushing provides a wonderful detox for your body. The skin, being the biggest elimination organ, plays a vital role in riding the body of toxins and impurities. Dry skin brushing is one of the best techniques to open up the pores of the skin and to stimulate and detoxify the lymphatic system. Consider dry skin brushing for additional detox, especially in winter months.”

~ Paulina Kadzielawska, owner of Pure Juice Café, in Arlington Heights




“Juicing has really taught us to explore the benefits of food to our bodies and to appreciate the cause and effect cycle ofwhat is good or bad for us.”

~ Alina Yaccino, owner of Pure Organic Juicery, in Barrington