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Natural Awakenings Chicago

Bhakti Caravan Events Raise Collective Consciousness

Jan 26, 2016 03:58PM

Ellen Katz

The Bhakti Caravan will perform kirtan music on the afternoon of February 28 at Full Bloomed Lotus (; the evening of March 5 at Yoga Now Chicago (; and the afternoon of April 10 at The Infinity Foundation (

Kirtan is a Sanskrit word that is used to describe an ancient form of devotional chanting involving the repetition of mantras and call-and-response phrases. In Eastern spiritual traditions, it is believed that the repetition of a mantra will focus the mind, elevate the spirit, open the heart and raise the collective consciousness.

Ellen Katz, clinical director and integrative psychotherapist at Inner Balance, started chanting kirtan in 2003. In 2010, she created The Bhakti Caravan kirtan band, a local ensemble of yogis and devotional musicians. As a lover of world music and long-time student of meditation, yoga and ethnomusicology, Katz envisioned a sound that would combine tribal, traditional Eastern and contemporary Western musical styles. 

The Bhakti Caravan has led Kirtan meditative events at The Infinity Foundation to benefit the nonprofit organization support its unique, consciousness-raising courses.


Connect at The Bhakti Caravan Kirtan Band on Facebook. For more information, email Radha Ellen Katz at [email protected]