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Annual Body Mind Spirit Expo Offers Exciting New Insights

Dianne Bischoff James

The Body Mind Spirit Expo (BMSE), which was created in 1987 and travels around the country spotlighting new trends in healthy living, will make a stop at the Concorde Plaza (Midwest Conference Center), in Northlake, on March 5 and 6. Over the years, the Expo has expanded to bring attendees the latest information about natural health, personal growth and metaphysics to communities worldwide.

Motivational speaker and event exhibitor Dianne Bischoff James (, author of The Real Brass Ring, states, “The Expo is one of the largest natural health and healing expos in the Midwest, with something for everyone. It features some of the region’s best psychic healers, mediums, numerologists, tarot card readers, past-life regressionists and skilled professionals with modalities for transforming your life.”

There are also a host of healing-oriented products and services such as massage therapy, reflexology, crystals, magnets and sound healing, as well as new-to-the world products designed to reduce body pain and support proper spinal alignment. As part of the mix, the Expo also harbors unique solutions and supplements for health, anti-aging and skin care.

“Considering the size and volume of the Expo, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you first enter the exhibit hall. The best way is to take a quick stroll through the entire show, which will give you a good overview of the vendors so you can create a target list of services. Personally, I like to include a psychic reading, shamanic healing, foot detox, facial cleanse and some time at my favorite jewelry booth,” says Bischoff James.

BSME is a high-energy show offering lectures on the hour and paid workshop that can improve life. “There are over 50 lectures and workshops that include popular topics such as how to find your soul mate, learn the secrets to intuition, interpret your dreams, develop mediumship skills, discover ways to utilize archangel energy for healing and relax to channeled meditations,” notes Bischoff James.

The instructors at BMSE are all highly skilled, and many have advanced degrees and certifications in their field of expertise. In addition to one-hour presentations, several two-hour workshops are available to give participants a higher level of interaction and experiences.

At the Expo, Bischoff James will offer the workshop, Make This The Best Year of Your Life, in which she engages the audience in highly effective, dynamic exercises design to help them feel what it is like to be truly authentic, and transform from lack and limitation to wholeness and joy.

“Another wonderful workshop is offered by Sandy Rueve, in which participants will roll their own clay beads to manifest the power of their intentions,” says Bischoff James. “I highly recommend the workshops for anyone who wants to create a new you in this new year.”


Admission is $14 for both days and parking is free. Regular workshops are included in admission, two-hour workshops are $25 in advance and $30 on-site. For information and to purchase tickets, call 541-482-3722, ext. 1 or 2, or visit and download a $1 discount coupon. Enter for a chance to win a free ticket to the March event in Northlake at