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ADHD/Autistic Spectrum Breakthrough from Gnosis Natural Health

Claire Boye-Doe

Claire Boye-Doe, a designed clinical nutritionist at Gnosis Natural Health, uses Nutrition Response Testing to treat ADHD/autistic spectrum children and adults. Traditional Western medical approaches tend to rely on neurological pharmaceuticals, yet it’s often harder to find an alternative approach that addresses the whole person.

Gnosis offers a whole-body approach that focuses on balancing nutrients in the body. “We’ve clinically proven to consistently reduce the symptoms of hyperactivity, high anxiety, nail biting, learning/focus difficulties, uncontrolled emotional outbursts, picky eating and more,” says Boye-Doe.

Nutrition Response Testing analysis isolates the nutritional challenges of the body such as toxins, food sensitivities and infections by means of a calibrated muscle reflex test. “This testing enables us to create a custom nutrient restoration programs using whole food nutrition, homeopathics and/or herbs. The combination of the nutrient restoration program, with a diet supportive in tissue repair, results in a gentle health recovery journey that ends with a strong immune system and a physically and mentally balanced individual,” says Boye-Doe.


Location: 5756 N. Ridge Ave., Ste. 3, Chicago. Natural Awakenings readers receive 50 percent off a full health assessment. For more information and a free, 10-minute phone consultation, call 773-561-5516 or visit

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