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The Phenomenon and the Gift from Oneness University

The Phenomenon and the Gift course, presented by Oneness University from May 20 through 22, is an experiential weekend journey created to activate higher states of consciousness, deep awareness and fulfillment, naturally and effortlessly. It is intended for those that aspire to help themselves and loved ones be released from negativity and fear.

Experience ancient teachings, sacred meditations and powerful processes, led by Oneness University Guides in India. They will directly interact with participants via a live feed to experience deep inner peace, unconditional love and ceaseless joy as the course brings about deep insights and lasting personal transformation. They will also receive a rare initiation allowing them to share the Golden Orb Deeksha with others in the world.


Location: Pheasant Run Resort, 4051 E. Main St., St. Charles. The resort’s early bird rate is $399 through Apr. 15. To register visit Fri. night Kirtan Bhakti Caravan is $30 at the door if not enrolled in the weekend course.