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Relieve Pain and Stress through Network Spinal Analysis

The Wellness Source, in Glenview, is one of only four clinics in the area that offers Network Spinal Analysis (NSA), a technique designed for people that want change in their lives by breaking free of barriers such as back and joint pain, headaches, depression and anxiety.

Dr. Nick Kuennen says, “The stress that we have acquired in our lifetime is stored in our mind and body; specifically, the central nervous system. Over time, this stress response will bubble over into a multitude of conditions that the body produces.”

The technique is delivered with very low force and a high degree of specificity and presence; there is no twisting or cracking the body. As the body removes the tension, it releases the problem and health can be expressed gently.

Other benefits include improved posture; modest weight loss; increased metabolism and immune function; higher energy; fewer colds; improved handling of stress; reduced physical and emotional aches and pains; improved muscle strength, balance, coordination and athletic performance; greater spinal flexibility and movement; and faster recovery from injuries and illness.


Location: 1245 Milwaukee Ave., Ste. 202B, Glenview. For appointments, call 224-567-8580. For more information, visit