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Learn How to Read the Akashic Records

Helen Gitlevich, M.D.

Helen Gitlevich, M.D., CFMW, has opened the Akashic School of Creation, offering instruction on the Akashic Records, in Buffalo Grove. In the school’s first course, from May 15 through 17, students will learn how to access their own record using the vibrational key of a sacred prayer, opening the door to divine guidance from the library of the soul. There are no prerequisites to enroll.

Students will learn how to consciously create their lives and open their hearts to receive the divine support they need to follow their soul’s path. By understanding the Akashic Records, students will better understand the difficult relationships in their lives and be able to clear their personal energy field to set healthy boundaries. Gitlevich says, “Students will receive tools to understand and release the karma that is keeping them stuck in old patterns, raise their energy vibrations and gain clarity around creative steps they need to move toward their dreams. They’ll also learn to clear blocks to allow money to flow into their lives.”


Cost is $350; $175 if repeating (all three days are required).
Location: 824 Clohesey Dr., Buffalo Grove. RSVP to 847-361-6259 or