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The UTI Soulution for Urinary Tract Infections

Meryl Feldman

Meryl Feldman, of Blossom Within Coaching, provides healing-based coaching services to help clients get relief from chronic conditions that include chronic urinary tract infections (UTI) and back pain.

For chronic UTI sufferers that have tried special diets, cranberry juice, supplements and other treatments, yet continue to get infections, Feldman uses the UTI Soulution to help the client’s body to gently release blocked emotional energy, which allows for physical healing. “At the same time, we are able to access the individual’s body and soul wisdom to guide us to their personal solution to this condition,” she says.

Feldman says that by working with her clients to get their emotional energy flowing and receive body and soul inner wisdom, she is able to help them to break free of the chronic UTI cycle for more vibrant health. She is also able to help clients find relief from chronic back pain, migraines and other conditions.

Feldman is a certified Martha Beck coach and endorsed mind­-body coach through Abigail Steidley’s training, which has its foundations in Dr. John Sarno’s revolutionary approach to health.


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