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Experience Network Spinal Analysis: at The Wellness Source

May 25, 2016 05:09PM ● By Peggy Malecki

Nick Kuennen, DC

Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) is a chiropractic technique that honors the body as an integrated system of body, mind and spirit, which contributes to overall health and well-being. Using precise, light contacts along the spine, a practitioner can help practice members (patients) learn to find and release tension from their spine. The goal is to help them break a repeating cycle of chronic pain and disease, promote healing and tap into their own energies to lead a more fulfilled life. Nick Kuennen, DC, founder of The Wellness Source, in Glenview, has offered the technique since late 2015, and is one of the only practitioners in Illinois to include this treatment method in his practice.


How do you describe NSA?

NSA addresses tension that the body created as a result of memories, events, chemicals and other stressors. It’s the best vehicle for healing and in my opinion, the only approach I’ve found to successfully rearrange long-held tension patterns. NSA releases stored energy that’s been locked and disconnected in the body, and this supports “never before experienced” levels of health and well-being. When you achieve spinal flexibility in this manner, it allows the life force back, and the body can heal and stop producing symptoms.

       With NSA, I support practice members and help them to understand that their body is producing pain to interrupt their daily life with a reason. We start with an exam that includes a history and consultation, palpation, posture analysis, X-ray, Insight Nerve Stress Scan and report of findings. I talk with them about their mental and emotional history and provide concepts that support them to tie everything together as we develop a specific plan.

       I believe NSA is the best method to allow the body-mind to truly heal and help you love your life and everything in it. When treating a practice member, I’m using a precise, delicate and consistent touch to specific points along the nervous system, including the heels, neck and back. When adjusting, I meet the nervous system where it’s at in the moment, rather than forcing a change. This process, called spinal entrainment, is unlike any other healing technique and achieves lasting results.


If NSA is all about reorganizational healing, how does that relate to our health?

Health is a dance between stability and instability in the body. Too much stability leads to blocked energy flow and chronic disease, and too much instability without sustainable energy causes mental, physical and emotional trauma. Pain is a wake-up call, and it tells you that something needs to be addressed by acting, thinking or doing something differently.

       Emotions are intimately related to your health, and your spine is the biggest modulator of emotion. The degree of tension and tone of your spine equals to the tension and tone of your life. Your spine directly influences your ability to express emotion and heal pain. We all have a signature energy wave that develops in our spine, called the body-mind wave. By helping a practice member tap into this wave through NSA care, they can get in touch with their inner self to let go of their stressors and environmental conditioning.


How has adding NSA changed or enhanced your practice?

People come to me for pain, but I’m not a pain doctor; I am a life doctor. My intention is to improve spinal tone and raise self-awareness so that pain will stop being produced once the body-mind has enough energy. I empower practice members and support them in understanding themselves and their lives on a deeper level, and help them adjust behaviors and reactions to stress to both relieve pain and increase the quality and satisfaction of their life.

       The results that practice members get are the best I’ve ever seen in my career. Patients report that while they feel better physically, they also say they have more energy and awareness in their lives and less anxiety about their environment—which can include relationships, taxes, their jobs, a divorce, etc. The net effect is that practice members are feeling more enjoyment in their everyday experience and finding motivation, purpose and connection in their lives.


Why did you decide to bring NSA to The Wellness Source?

I love serving others, and while I was helping people with their physical pain, I wasn’t able to address the spiritual and emotional side of their lives. For me, traditional chiropractic methods were not enough, and NSA has provided a more complete approach for mind-body-spirit integration.

       NSA was developed in the 1970s by Dr. Donald Epstein. Since then, the technique has evolved based on research and practice member results. After witnessing an NSA entrainment in 2012, I knew I needed to learn and practice this technique. The Wellness Source is now primarily using NSA as its treatment method, including practice member education and breathing exercises.


What affect has NSA had on you personally?

My life has completely changed. I am more peaceful, centered, focused, loving and caring in my life. I’ve been able to take on consistent meditation and I feel more confident, certain of my purpose, guided and energy-rich. I want everyone to live the life they love and love the life the live!


Nick Kuennen, DC, is the owner of The Wellness Source, located at 1245 Milwaukee Ave., Ste 202, in Glenview. For more information, call 224-567-8580 or visit See ad on page 5 and in the Community Resource Guide.