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Natural Awakenings Chicago


Jun 26, 2016 05:45PM

America’s beaches are synonymous with celebrating summer, and the American Shore and Beach Preservation Association (ASBPA) has named Rosewood Beach, in Highland Park, as one of the of the nation’s best-restored beaches for 2016. The three main reasons for restoration are storm protection, habitat restoration and recreation.

       The recently completed endeavor represents the combination of two complementary efforts to build an ecosystem restoration project concurrent with a recreation and education project, resulting in the restoration of beach, bluff and ravine ecosystems along a 1,500-foot section of the west shore of Lake Michigan.

       “The Rosewood Beach project demonstrates how both hard and soft coastal engineering can be combined to restore both habitat and a public beach,” says Lee Weishar, Ph.D., chair of the Best Restored Beach committee. “It has helped provide public access to the Great Lakes.”

Location: 883 Sheridan Rd., Highland Park. For more information, visit