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Natural Awakenings Chicago

At The Fork Documentary to Premiere in Chicago

Jun 26, 2016 05:00PM

An enlightening new film, At the Fork, will be shown at 7 p.m., July 13, at AMC River East 21 Chicago as part of a nationwide crowdsourced effort led by the filmmakers in partnership with Whole Foods Market and the Humane Society of the United States to spark a national conversation about where our food comes from. Chicago screening sponsors include The Mike Nowak Show (, Family Farmed ( and Natural Awakenings Chicago.

       Filmmaker and omnivore John Papola and his vegetarian wife Lisa offer up a timely and unbiased look at how farm animals are raised for consumption. With unprecedented access to large-scale conventional farms, the Papolas ask tough questions and discover not heartless industrialists, but America’s farmers; real people grappling with the moral dimensions of farming animals for food.

       Additional local local supporting organizations include Crate Free Illinois (, the Illinois Stewardship Alliance (, The Illinois Citizens for Clean Air and Water (, and the Socially Responsible Agriculture Project (

Location: 22 East Illinois St., Chicago. For tickets, visit For more information, visit