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Natural Awakenings Chicago

Reconnect With Nature in City or Suburbs

Aug 25, 2016 03:12PM

Kim Spelman

Nature therapist Kim Spelman leads multiple outings in September. Have a bit of wine and learn how to build, start and maintain a fire at 1 p.m.,
       September 3, 10, 17, 24 or 27 at Camp Alphones, in Palatine. Also, learn how to identify trees at 4 p.m., September 6, 7 or 8 at Buffalo Creek Forest Preserve; mushrooms at 4 p.m., September 13, 14 or 15 at Cuba Marsh; insects at 4 p.m., September 20, 21 or 22 at Deer Grove East Forest Preserve; and birds at 4 p.m., September 23, 24 or 25 at Deer Grove West Forest Preserve.

      Through simple walks in the city or in a more traditionally natural environment—or even indoors—Spelman guides participants on an adventure of rediscovering and watching life with a low-impact workout that relaxes the body, mind and spirit. With his company Woodland Walking Workout, Spelman helps people of all ages, including individuals, couples, families and groups, to unplug and reenergize by connecting with the natural world.

For more information and directions, call 847-361-1616 or email [email protected] See ad in the Community Resource Guide.