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Seminar Offers Adoption Advice

Sally Wildman, J.D.

Sally Wildman, J.D., an attorney in Chicago and Northbrook, will conduct a course, The Adoption Process From A to Z, from 7 to 9:15 p.m., October 19, at John Hersey High School, in Arlington Heights.

      Ms. Wildman brings to families that she assists in adopting children the perspective that each child being adopted will receive the best care that each family can provide. She has represented adopting parents in all types of adoptions used in Illinois practice, guides families through their many steps of this process and fully understands the challenges clients may face.

      With significant changes in adoption practices both domestic and foreign, Ms. Wildman shares current trends in this arena by presenting workshops and adult education programs in Chicago and the suburbs. In addition, she regularly advocates for improved practices and benefits such as the federal adoption tax credit for adoptive families.

Cost is $25 per family. Location: 1900 W. Thomas, Arlington Heights. For more information or to register, call 847-718-7700 or find course #0462JH-3 at before Oct. 17. See Listing in the Calendar Section.